Matwork Classes

Class Times

Tues 12.30pm – Spine & Bone Health Class (Level 1/2)
Tues 1.45pm – General Class (Level 2)
Tues 6.15pm – General Class (Level 2)
Tues 7.30pm – General class (Level 3)
Thurs 6.15pm – General class (Level 2)

Class Information & Prices

  • Classes booked in terms (@ £9/class)
  • Class duration: 1 hour
  • Numbers: Limited to 12 per class
  • Location: Flax Bourton Hub

Join A Class

  • Current term runs until Easter
    Spaces available – join at any time
  • Classes available outside term time
  • Next  term:  25th April – 19th May

All of my matwork classes are small, informal and friendly with a maximum of 12 people per class.

Pilates is not about fancy, complicated moves and no beginner is expected to know what to do. Detailed cues are provided in every class from beginners to advanced so you are given instructions every step of the way. I encourage people to ask questions or ask for help if it’s needed.

You can wear anything that you like as long as it’s not too baggy and you can move around safely and comfortably. Please wear socks, trainers are not required. You will need to bring your own mat but all other small props are provided

Which class is right for me?

It really does depend on your current situation. Many people are told that Pilates will help to alleviate pain and discomfort which is absolutely true; although it should be made clear that attending the appropriate class is the key to unlocking this wondrous promise! There are many things to consider, including location of injuries (if any), level of physical ability, fitness and postural awareness. Ultimately, if you are hoping to gently coax your body into a more comfortable state, the last place that you’ll want to find yourself in is a faster paced, athletic group session! You will find more information about my class levels below but please get in touch so that we can discuss the best approach for you.

Group class levels

Unfortunately none of the group matwork class options currently in my schedule are suitable for absolute beginners. This doesn’t mean that I can’t help you! Please get in touch if you are new to Pilates and would like to discuss how to get started.

Level 1 – Beyond Beginners

Suitable for those who ideally have a thorough understanding of the basics from previous group or private sessions. More varied exercises and the use of small equipment provide challenge and variation as you build upon the basics. Options are provided for many of the exercises so that you can work at your own level. Although more accessible contemporary Pilates exercises feature heavily in these sessions, the essense of the classical matwork exercises remains.

Level 2 – Intermediate

Adding the weight of your body as resistance, increased repetitions, more challenging exercises and a moderate pace can be expected at this level. A mixture of classical and contemporary exercises with modifications where required.

Level 3 – Advanced

Advanced, (mainly) classical repertoire suitable for a more ‘athletic’ exerciser. Small equipment is used to increase challenge and test strength, flexibility and stability. This class moves at a faster pace and integrates all of the Pilates Principles: Concentration, Control, Centre, Flow, Precision & Breathing.

Specialist classes

Pilates for spine & bone health (Level 1/2 – Tuesdays 12.30pm)

This class focuses on improving stability in movement through functional strengthening and balance training. Spinal flexion features heavily in traditional Pilates classes which is where this class differs! Open to all, it is most suited to those age 50+ or anyone with remedial issues.

Please note: this class is not suitable for those unable to get up and down from the floor or lie supine without discomfort.