My Equipment Studio

My Pilates equipment studio and its contents often come as a surprise to many who, quite understandably, think of Pilates as just a type of ‘mat’ class. Joseph Pilates invented this specialised equipment almost a century ago and you will find all of his creations still in use today in traditional Pilates studios around the world; although with slight variations.

My studio includes the ‘Reformer’, ‘Cadillac’ and ‘Stability Chair’, all of which are large, spring assisted apparatus with pulleys, straps and bars designed to provide tension, resistance and support for your muscles and joints.

These unusual looking pieces of equipment can be used to either increase challenge or enable rehabilitative, assisted movement. Through a wide range of exercise variations and with countless adjustments possible to both the springs and machines, control and intensity can be achieved in ways not possible on the mat.

Equipment classes are suitable for all abilities. If you are managing an illness or injury you will feel safe and supported. If you are looking to restore balance within your body you will feel released, lengthened and strengthened. The exercises and equipment can be adjusted to meet any level of strength and fitness, even the most experienced athletes amongst you will find extreme challenge if that is your goal!

Matwork or Equipment Classes?
Well, the answer is either but ideally both (of course!) Equipment work will enhance and inform your matwork practice and vice versa. In addition to private and semi-private classes, I currently offer two ‘Reformer+’ open group equipment sessions per week.